Fewer resources; more accomplishments. We strategically apply specific talent to match precise needs, tailoring solutions that are cost effective and goal driven. Our clients gain an experienced, talented, highly focused team using less resources.

It is significantly more economical to use a good consulting firm than to have an in-house team. The level of expertise you obtain is outstanding; the work is focused, goal directed & and results driven; and the operational and labor costs overall are considerably lower. As important, with a firm like Aberdeen, you get the expertise you need when you need it. It is the value of having 11 experts at your finger tips without hiring 11 new people. Using Aberdeen across all communications functions also means less time devoted to managing and coordinating between multiple agencies. We offer the flexibility to handle projects as they arise, with the expertise needed to get them done well and on time.

Our perspective is unique. From writing and reporting the news to working inside Capitol Hill, the White House, campaigns and corporations, to building our own business for over a decade … we’ve been there and that makes Aberdeen better.

We look at all communication channels as one complete package. Everything a company creates, in every channel, should convey a message that builds on every other channel. Leveraging your communication assets means making the most of everything you do as part of a comprehensive strategy.

What does a comprehensive strategy, developed and implemented by one firm, mean to you? A true partner committed to your success; less of your time and resources managing multiple specialty firms; more time focused on your areas of expertise; ease of use; less money spent getting you where you need to be.

Creating meaningful partnerships that last is an important part of our mission.