Aberdeen’s model is built on strategically applying specific talent to match each client’s precise needs using an appropriate scale of resources. We work closely with our clients to tailor solutions that are cost effective and goal driven. Our clients gain an experienced, talented, highly focused team using less company resources. Fewer resources; more accomplishments.

Our Team

Peter Barhydt Top Dog

President & Founding Principal: Peter has over 20 years experience creating and managing successful advertising, communications and government relations campaigns. He began his career in advertising and spent some time on Wall Street and in politics before founding Aberdeen. Peter’s strategic leadership has led to the company’s consistent growth.

Beth Barhydt CEO of Awesome

Executive Vice President & Founding Principal: Beth has a laser focus on branding and she brings her expertise to every aspect of our clients’ marketing efforts. Forged in the political arena, Beth develops branding strategies by weaving one identity into every communications channel. Beth is involved in every aspect of our work, from social media to graphic design.

Amanda Bergen The Mouth Piece

Media Strategist & Founding Principal:
Amanda is a veteran television and print journalist, communications director and media trainer. Amanda works with executives, politicians, educators and actors. Her media contacts, on-camera expertise, creative writing skills, and strong interpersonal skills produce exceptional results and a fun experience.

Tim Andrea Digital Media Strategist

Digital Media Strategist & Web Designer: Tim is passionate about our clients’ digital presence, their brand image and the users’ experience on their websites. Tim leverages his experience with corporate enterprise and start-up business to generate outstanding online strategies.

E.J. Thomas Chief Genius

Research Specialist: Is E.J. a genius? We can’t get him to tell us. He is remarkably detail oriented, speaks Chinese & Spanish, and keeps us all on track. He, more than anyone, believes in hard work and staying humble and willingly jumps in on any project.

Lockey Coughlin Head of Pocket Resources

Accounting: Pushy, pushy, pushy … and a push over. She describes herself as alternating between being very helpful and being a bit of a troublemaker … more often both at once.
Perfect for the job!

Sylenda Graf Visual Engineer

Graphic Designer: With more than 20 years experience working in graphic arts, marketing, and advertising, Sylenda is both really fast and really good! We are lucky to have her on our team.

Margarita Coll-Barth Data Driven

Data Specialist & Traffic: Margarita is the ultimate professional who understands how to gather, organize and track data. As important, she knows how to use it and leverage it. She specializes in Salesforce and in her spare time she makes sure we are getting our jobs done too.

Jimmy Bebon Network Guru

New Business Development: Jimmy knows what makes a business successful from the inside out. Marketing and sales are his specialty and he is the person you want in your corner in any situation.

Tegan Baker Hero

Crisis Management Advisor: Tegan is a Certified Legal Assistant who lights up the room when she walks in it.