• branding


    Branding is not a logo! Developing a brand is vital to both business and people. How does your audience view you? What attributes would they associate with china wholesale nike nfl Jerseys paypal you or your company? How are you classified in the Darrius Heyward-Bey Jersey mind of your audience? Very often it is in terms that take a lot of thought and effort to achieve. Ensuring your brand is layered into every marketing channel is the most effective way to ensure your brand becomes real and remains strong.

    We believe in a layered approach that utilizes different disciplines with a deliberate methodology suited to each client. No two communications assignments should ever be the same, which is why the first thing we do is learn more about what you do. wholesale nike nfl Jerseys free shipping Good strategic planning takes time, information and a determination to look at every aspect of your company. Strategic planning must end with clearly outlined company goals and operational actions to achieve those goals. Strategic planning is not an intellectual exercise – it is devising a plan of specific actions to develop a competitive advantage. If your strategic plan isn’t designed with your overall goals in mind, then it really is more of an intellectual exercise than anything. A well-formed corporate strategy will keep everyone moving in the same direction – the direction that helps your company achieve success.

  • Graphic Design

    Brochures … yes. Websites … yes. Catalogues … yes. Business Cards … yes, those too. Collateral material should have a similar look and feel with an underlying Brand ID that drives its personality and design. Whether it is printed or an electronic format, throw away the cookie cutter and make it your own.

    Graphic design does not need to be complicated to work – in fact, most often we believe simple is better. Over designed graphics rarely look like more than clutter to your audience and it almost never supports you brand. Great graphic design is part of a larger idea. It attracts attention without Mikael Granlund Jersey being over-the-top. It creates an immediate visual and adds one more layer to collateral material and brand identification. This is why we don’t believe in cookie cutter design or creating graphic designs in a vacuum. We enjoy interaction with our clients and believe it moves the creative process forward so you end up with material and designs you are proud to have represent you and your company.

  • copy writing

    Copy Writing

    The story matters. Your company isn’t just selling a product, it has a story to tell and you Steve Young Youth Jersey need good copy writing to tell it. Graphic design, images and copy are married together. Language can and should be as clear and well thought out as your design elements.

  • public relations

    Public Relations

    Some press releases are simple compliance issues: information that must be made available to the public. This is an important part of compliance and we do nike nfl Jerseys for sale press releases like that all the time, but public relations should achieve more. Basic public relations should be the foundation of any strategic communications plan followed quickly by earned media. What you are doing may not seem newsworthy to you, but, given the right perspective, it is. From our perspective, there are real benefits to reaching your audience through the media. Everyone wants a positive story in the Wall Street Journal (and we have had fun earning those stories too) but other outlets such as industry specific publications, social media sites, bloggers, and search engines all provide objective, valuable and cost-effective opportunities to reach your audience. With access to more than 94,000 media outlets, getting your message properly placed is something we take seriously and accomplish quickly and efficiently.

  • Media Training

    Media Training

    Do your palms get sweaty and does your tongue feel chalky at the mere mention of an interview with the media? It’s no wonder, since an interview with a reporter can make or break a company or an individual. The key to effectively communicating your message is preparation. Practice really does make perfect, and who you practice with is just as important.

    Media training can be focused on different mediums; prepping for a television interview is very different from getting ready for an interview with a print reporter. And then there is an oft overlooked scenario for which most corporate executives and their employees are woefully unprepared: virtual communication. With the growing acceptance of telecommuting and the globalization of the workforce, simple conference calls no longer cut it. Video conferencing and webinars are here to stay. The companies that execute them best will the be the most successful in this new age of communicating. The most qualified media trainers are those who have spent thousands of hours themselves in front of the camera and with reporter notepad in hand. Our team has decades of experience in print and broadcast journalism, as well as in acting, on-camera moderating and spokesperson work. We’ve Jason Peters Womens Jersey developed the most effective techniques that will help you interact naturally and convey the message you want the world to hear.

  • digital media

    Digital Media

    Digital Media is not just a website but you have to have a website. Yes … you do. Really. And it should be good: easy to navigate, useful to a variety of visitors and visually appealing. All too often it is confusing, complicated and gives less information than the casual surfer can get from Google. Like everything else we do, we begin with the goal and prepare a plan to reach that goal using your brand as the foundation. Your website, like all collateral material, must fit with your company brand and must serve the needs of your customers. A good website requires a lot of client input. We use a team process that creates the best results without creating bottle necks. Websites: the perfect mix of marketing and technology.

  • crisis management

    Crisis Management

    A crisis can unfold with blistering speed; with seemingly little time to react. We believe in planning for the unplanned and assisting clients in developing a proactive Crisis Management Strategy. Doing so before a crisis emerges prevents poor judgment and prolonged exposure. When the unanticipated happens, Aberdeen has the experience and professional relationships to develop a rapid response team, combining communications and advocacy to first stabilize a crisis and then chart a course to minimize damage.

  • government relations

    Government Relations

    Believe it or not, your representatives in government want to hear from you. They want to know who you are, what you’re doing and how they can help. We can guide you through the best ways to have those conversations and maintain ongoing relationships, so you know what is happening in your industry and you have input into issues that affect you up front. These relationships are important whether you need help or not. When you do need help however, the worst time to ask for it is the first time you’re calling, so develop your networks and relationships now. Government Relations is all about communications and intelligence gathering. Knowing what is happening in Washington and state capitols is more important than ever. We believe in creating working partnerships with key decision makers and influencers to educate them about a client’s issue, industry and viewpoint. Taking the time to do this before you need assistance is an investment in your future. By communicating the value of a corporation or industry, Aberdeen helps build a reservoir of goodwill and respect for clients throughout federal and state governments. Because we nike nfl Jerseys elite vs game vs limited focus on relationship building and educating, rather than lobbying, we create the kind of success our competition envies.

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