Aberdeen Compass

January 25th, 2013

Aberdeen Compass



Compass: noun [kum-pas]
1. an instrument for finding direction.

2. an instrument that consists of two arms, joined at one end, one arm of which serves as a pivot or stationary reference point, while the other is extended.

Nearly ten years ago, four of us sat around a kitchen table and came to the conclusion that, for all the wonderful times we had in politics, it was time to move onto the private sector.  We loved the people we worked for over the years, but we wanted a new challenge and to see our families a bit more.  We quickly realized that much of what we did politically we could do in the private sector under our own company.  And that is when the discussion really got fun!

Aberdeen Associates was born!

We knew we were very good at Communications (Advertising, branding, public relations, crisis management, etc.) and we knew we wanted to help people and companies succeed, but we were missing that core value that brought it all together.  Someone suggested an anchor – like a strong anchor in a storm to keep you off the rocks.  No, that sounded too much like we’d be weighing our clients down. Someone suggested a nautical chart – like helping to navigate.  No, that didn’t work on many levels.  Wait!  What do you need to help navigate through storms or treacherous waters? A compass!

It is what Aberdeen is all about- helping our clients successfully reach their destination!  It is the core value at the heart of why we do what we do!  We believe in it so strongly we use it for our logo, our blog, throughout our marketing efforts – wherever we can.

There are 32 points on a compass and we thought that would be a clever name for our new blog.  We want to explore different directions on our blog, but they will all have one common theme: being successful!  Everyone will contribute, some will be short – others longer and hopefully some will be humorous, but all will have a point which if taken will help you and your company be successful.

Today’s point?  If you have a destination in mind and you do not want to go along the same old path as everyone else, try a different direction, but always have a compass with you.

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