Thank a Farmer Friday

So God Made a Farmer ….

(It’s time to thank a farmer Friday!)


There Authentic Tre Madden Jersey has been a lot of talk in our office lately about farming and farmers. Nothing revolutionary; just about how hard they work all year long, how at the beginning of the growing season these folks put a lot of money into the ground not baltimore ravens Zach Miller Jersey Jersey 4x Marshawn Lynch Jersey knowing if they will get it all back out, about how there are 5th and 6th baltimore ravens Jersey colors generation (and probably more) out there that believe so strongly in what they are doing. These farmers; men, women, parents, grand-parents and children literally put the food on our tables and milk in baltimore ravens Jersey size 58 size 60 our glasses. And they are doing it around the world.

So what do we do? We produce the best possible marketing materials and campaign so our agriculture clients can help farmers produce greater harvests and healthier milk. We take pride in our work because we know it is helping our clients succeed.

We also have our “Thank a Farmer Friday” baltimore ravens Jersey burning campaign. We don’t know when it started or who started it. About a year ago, every Friday, we began posting a picture of some sort of farming, with Wholesale Baltimore Ravens Jerseys some copy about appreciating all that farmers do and we would hash-tag it on twitter: #ThankAFarmerFriday. Often the tweets get re-tweeted and the Facebook posts get shared and we like that. It’s our small way to let a large and dedicated group of hard working people know how much we appreciate them. So when you see a “Thank a Farmer Friday” post or tweet – we hope you’ll like it and pass it along!

At this year’s Super Bowl Jimmy Garoppolo Jersey Ram Trucks ran a great commercial about farmers. We’d like to believe Authentic DeMarco Murray Jersey they have been following our “Thank a Farmer Friday” campaign and that gave them the idea, but in reality Paul Harvey started this campaign at the 1978 Future Farmers of America convention.

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